Flight Delay

I registered for the service and received a message “Flight not included in the service” / I tried to locate the flight without success. Can’t I register with this flight?

Some flights and airlines are not supported by the service. In these cases, the service is not available. What happens if there is no lounge in the airport where I am located? In airports or terminals where there is no lounge, the service is not available.

What flight delay entitles me to the service?

Any flight delay of more than 90 minutes after check-in is eligible for the service.

How can I make sure that the registration is recorded correctly?
At the end of the registration, you will receive a registration confirmation to your email address. If you have not received it, please register again and wait for the registration confirmation to your email address.

I’m not sure my registration is correct. How do I check?
First, check the email that was updated during the registration process for the service. If you have not received an email after registering, you can register again. The system overwrites the previous registration if it has been made and sends an invitation according to the last registration.

How long before the flight can I register?  / I forgot to register, and my flight is still two hours away, am I entitled to a benefit?
First, register for return flights in case of delay to enjoy the service. Registration for the service is required at least 6 hours before the flight so that the automatic system can identify a delay. In any case, we recommend updating the outbound flights during the registration process, but we cannot guarantee that they will be registered in the international system that synchronizes all airports in the world.

Will I receive a lounge voucher in the event of a continuous delay (when the delay begins in less than 90 minutes, and then there is an additional delay)?
When the delay is cumulatively 90 minutes or more, the system will identify the delay and you will receive an email with a voucher for entry to the lounge.

Can I register through the customer service center or through my insurance agent?
No. Registration is self-service only through the company’s website or app.

How many people can register?
Every family with an active DavidShield policy (up to 6 people per policy) can register for the benefit. *Please note that some lounges do not accept children under the age of 12.

What do I do if I am unable to register?
In case you are unable to register, you can contact customer service. Indicate what the problem was during the registration process, and we will have a representative assist you.