Excluding USA

If you live anywhere in the world (excluding the US), this is the perfect plan for you.
In some countries, residents are entitled to receive medical services under their National Health Insurance Law. In other countries the situation is different and sometimes not sufficient. In most cases, private health insurance is necessary to receive quality care.

That’s why our GLOBAL plan is suitable for everyone residing worldwide except in the USA.

Everything you need to feel secure:

Comprehensive Routine and Emergency Medical Coverage

Our coverage is suitable for all family members at every stage of life. Whether it’s pregnancy and childbirth, postnatal follow-up, routine healthcare, vaccinations, diagnostics, and developmental care, you’re covered!


Our smart card can be easily loaded via the app. Use it to pay for medical services anywhere, according to your personal choice, without out-of-pocket expenses or needing reimbursement.

24/7 Service

Our customer service center provides access to English speaking representatives for physicians around the clock. With PassportCard’s health insurance, you can access our telemedicine service with English-speaking doctors 24/7.

Freedom of Choice

We understand that freedom of choice is essential in life. With PassportCard, you can choose your treating physician, hospitals, pharmacies, and other medical providers.

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