Including the United States

If you plan to reside in the United States, it’s essential to know that the American healthcare system differs significantly from most other countries and is primarily private.

The implication is that medical treatments in the U.S. can be extremely expensive, and access to reputable providers with acceptable availability is possible only if you have suitable health insurance. Our health insurance is tailored to the nature of healthcare practices and service utilization prevalent in the United States.

When seeking medical services in the U.S. through the United HealthCare network, all you need to do is present your insured card when receiving medical treatment. You’ll only need to pay the fee and/or the co-payment according to your chosen insurance plan. The rest of the payment for medical treatments you’ve received, such as doctor visits, prescription medications, tests, etc. will be directly handled with minimal bureaucracy.

All You Need For Peace of Mind

Comprehensive Routine and Emergency Medical Coverage

Our coverage is suitable for all family members at every stage of life. Whether it’s pregnancy and childbirth, postnatal follow-up, routine healthcare, vaccinations, diagnostics, and developmental care, you’re covered!

24/7 Service

Our customer service center provides access to English speaking representatives for physicians around the clock. With PassportCard’s health insurance, you can access our telemedicine service with English-speaking doctors 24/7.

Global Health Insurance Coverage

Our health insurance plans are global and covers you worldwide according to the policy’s terms and conditions.

Freedom of Choice

We understand that freedom of choice is crucial. Therefore, our plans allow full provider selection within our extensive medical provider network, as well as the option to receive services from medical providers outside the network according to the policy’s terms and conditions.

No Deductible Plan

We offer a variety of plans that include the United States. Our main plan, “Relocation Worldwide ND”, is unique and has no deductible, with only co-insurance starting from the first dollar.

What’s include in the plan?

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