Global Medical Health Insurance

Why do I need a global medical health insurance as an expat?

In many countries, healthcare systems are private. When relocating, it is important to ensure quality healthcare coverage for yourself and your family in routine and emergency situations.

What happens if I’m not insured and need medical treatment abroad?

You will likely need to pay privately for all medical treatments, starting from doctor visits to imaging, medications, or surgeries.
These costs can be very high, reaching hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Is travel insurance sufficient?

Travel insurance is intended for short, fixed periods and provides coverage only for emergency events that cannot be postponed until your return to your home country. Routine check-ups, for example, are not covered by travel insurance. Additionally, the insurance company has the right to demand your return to your home country for ongoing treatment. Unplanned returns due to lack of insurance coverage can disrupt your travel plans and goals. Travel insurance is also not suitable when, for example, you need medical insurance for visa purposes or as a requirement for higher education abroad.

How long can I get insured for?

Our private insurance plans start with a minimum period of one month and have no maximum duration. In other words, it is not limited in time unless you choose to. The insurance company cannot cancel the policy on its own initiative, even if the insured member medical condition deteriorates, if payments are made for the policy. The duration for corporate policies are determined by the agreement with the employer.

The PassportCard

What is the PassportCard debit card?
The PassportCard is a personaldebit card, provided to our insured members, that can be loaded with pay for medical expenses without using your own money! To load the card, use our smartphone app, website, or contact our customer service center, available 24/7.

Please note that the service is not available in the United States, and card usage is subject to the terms and conditions.

What is an insurance ID card?
An insurance ID card is a personal magnetic card that includes the insured person’s details. The insurance ID card is used when receiving medical services from any healthcare provider under a direct billing agreement with the company.


Does the insurance cover me worldwide?
 Insurance is purchased based on the destination country, which falls under a specific coverage area. For example, Thailand is in the same coverage area as the Philippines but not in the coverage area of Singapore. If the country you purchased insurance for is in the same coverage area as the country where you reside or falls under a higher coverage area, you will be entitled to routine and emergency services.

In countries not defined in the plan’s coverage area, there will be emergency coverage only for a period not exceeding 90 consecutive days, and no planned (elective) medical treatment can be received in these countries.

Do you cover the costs of flying to another country for medical services?
No, flight costs to another country are not covered under the policy.

Is the coverage immediately upon joining the insurance?
Yes, but please note that there are waiting periods for certain coverages in the policy. The waiting period is a fixed period from the start of the insurance during which the policy does not cover a specific benefit. For example, in our policies, there is a one-year waiting period from the beginning of the insurance for coverage related to pregnancy and childbirth expenses, as well as for mental health expenses.

Do I need pre-authorization before receiving medical treatment?
Your doctors and your medical condition will determine the need for medical treatment. You are not required to obtain pre-authorization from our customer service department, and you have the right to choose any medical provider. However, the policy requires early notification to customer service in cases such as pregnancy, planned hospitalizations, and other details specified in the table of benefits. It is also recommended to contact customer service before receiving medical treatment to understand the coverage included in the plan related to the required medical treatment or card claim.

Medical Provider

What is a “medical provider”?
Any entity providing medical services is referred to as a “medical provider”. Typically, this includes doctors, clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and more. You can receive any medical service covered by your insurance without the need for a family doctor referral.

What is the difference between “contracted providers” and “non-contracted providers”?
Contracted Providers: These are medical providers who have an agreement or contract with us. To benefit from discounted prices, discounts, and advantages, we recommend always seeking medical services from contracted providers. If you approach a contracted provider, all you need to do is present your insurance ID card and pay the co-payment if applicable. The remaining payment will be directly settled between us and the medical provider.

Non-Contracted Providers: If you choose to receive services from a medical provider who is not under contract, higher out-of-pocket costs may apply depending on the type of service provided. In the United States, this refers to providers who are not in an agreement with UnitedHealthcare or any other provider not listed on the self-service website as a contracted provider. These providers are called “Out of Network Providers.”


Customer Service Center Hours:
The customer service center is available to assist you 24/7/365. You can contact the center via email, Facebook chat, WhatsApp, or by phone at +972-4-3761173

What is the “Doctor’s Room” service?
The Doctor’s Room is a complimentary service for policyholders, operating 24 hours a day, all year round. You can call the doctor’s room to speak with family doctors in English. It’s important to note that the Doctor’s Room does not replace seeking medical consultation from your regular healthcare provider.


Is the insurance suitable for work permits or studies abroad?
In most cases, yes. Our insurance policy offers extensive coverage and flexible terms. To obtain approval for work permits (visas) or educational institutions abroad, you’ll need to submit the required documentation, and we will issue the necessary approval accordingly. Each institution or country has specific forms that need to be completed by the insurance company or its representatives. Please ensure you have the appropriate form.

Can insurance premiums change after joining?
Insurance premiums may vary based on changes in age groups during the coverage period. Additionally, as is common in international health insurance, premiums may be adjusted to reflect global inflation trends and are subject to approval by the regulatory authorities in Israel.

How are insurance premiums calculated?
Insurance premiums are calculated based on your country of residence, plan type, age group, insured person’s gender, and their medical condition as indicated in the health questionnaire provided during the enrollment process.

Who is the underwriting company?
The underwriting company is “David Shield Insurance Company Ltd.” one of the leading insurance groups in Israel.

Coverage is subject to the terms of the policy, exclusions, and limitations.