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Health Insurance in Israel

In Israel, there is an extensive public healthcare system that entitles every Israeli resident to benefit from its services. For those who are not residents but come to Israel, whether for a temporary period or returning permanently after residency severance, we offer comprehensive insurance solutions until you receive your rights to national healthcare.

Here’s what you need to be secure

Comprehensive Routine and Emergency Medical Coverage

Routine healthcare, vaccinations, diagnostics, and developmental care, you’re covered!

PassportCard/Insurance ID Card

According to the selected plan, you will receive either a PassportCard or an insured ID card. These cards allow you to receive medical services without paying out of pocket and without the need for reimbursement claims.

24/7 Service

Our customer service center provides access to English speaking representatives. With PassportCard’s health insurance, you can access our telemedicine service with English-speaking doctors 24/7.

Coverage for Israeli Returning Residents

Coverage through Israeli national healthcare for medications to which residents are entitled, ensuring continuity of medical rights even during waiting periods.

Coverage for Expats in Israel

Even if you or your dependent is not Israeli, or if you’re seeking insurance for foreign employees coming to work in Israel, our plans offer coverage through Israeli national healthcare or through private providers, according to policy terms and conditions.

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