Our Service Charter

We are committed to providing the best service possible and this charter is our promise to you.


Once we receive all the supporting documents.


We will pay you $25 for any violation of our service charter and investigate what went wrong.


Our call center and doctors on call service are available at any time.


We take your complaints seriously and will look for a solution that corresponds with your expectations.

Our Core Values

Genuine concern for our members health and wellbeing Professionalism Integrity and fairness Full transparency Respect and protect our members privacy Provide excellent service Make medical insurance accessible for anyone, anywhere
Nature of Service
Our Commitment
AvailabilityCustomer service call center
24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Call toll-free
Via toll-free numbers
Response to voicemail
approximately 90% of the calls will be answered within 60 seconds
Medical advice call center
24 hours a day, 365 days a year (via an external service provider)
Management responsibility for your personal safety
Medical emergencies
Our representatives are trained to handle medical emergencies. However, per your request, a senior supervisor will return your call, in the event of a medical emergency (up to 30 minutes).
Paying for medical services
Claims and reimbursements
Once you submit a claim: Reimbursements according to the policy terms:
will be transferred within 5 business days (once we receive all the documents relevant to your claim)
Transparency and good faith
You will receive a response to your inquiry within 14 business days from the date of receipt of all necessary documents for clarifying the complaint. Email: ombudsman@davidshield.co.il
Appeal a claim that has been denied
If your claim for medical coverage has been denied, and you wish to appeal, you will have up to three levels of insurance appeals.
Quick response
Changes in coverage
We will notify you of any change in coverage, two months in advance.
site & appAs a member, you will have access to our site & app, where you will be able to:
1) Review your insurance policy.
2) View your claim status and your personal coverage limits.
3) Locate nearby medical service providers.
4) Submit customer service inquiries online and more.
Medical underwriting

You will be notified of your medical underwriting status within one business day (once we receive all the information/paperwork).
Email inquiries
Our email response time is up to 8 hours (emails sent to ServiceRelo@PassportCard.com or via the DavidShield website).
Facebook, WhatsApp, Chat
Our response time is 10 minutes on average, and no more than 30 minutes.
Hospitalization and elective surgery
Approval of payment will be issued within 7 days (once we receive all the relevant information / paperwork).
Medical insurance for israelis abroad
Medical coverage during visits to Israel
Israeli members visiting or returning to Israel, will enjoy access to medical services via “Clalit Health Services” and to dental services.
We don’t always get everything right
$25 compensation
We will pay you $25 for any violation of our service charter and investigate what went wrong.